“Jesus is Lord” is Not Enough

In response to the already batshit crazy we’ve seen come out of the White House this week, I’ve heard a lot of Christians say things like “Don’t worry, Jesus is Lord.”  “God is on the throne.” “Jehovah is in control” and other bullshit platitudes that, while they may be true, are wildly undermining and dismissive. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the Christians who say things like this are white. Or men. Or both.

Listen. It’s easy to say trivializing shit like that when your body is not the one being threatened. Your religion is not being criminalized. Your gender is not being denied medical care. But statements like that take away our agency. Sure Jesus is Lord, I’ll go with you on that. But you also have a brain. And a heart. And a moral sense. I, being a believer that “Jesus is Lord”, do not think that absolves us of our responsibility to think critically about toxic systems in place in our society and WORK to bring them down.  To be frank, I don’t think Jesus does either. This isn’t me giving him a political party— I feel like both Democrats and Republicans give him a migraine. But what I’m saying is that if there is injustice, Jesus says we have work to do. If there is inequality, Jesus says we have work to do. Y’all wanna say “Jesus is Lord” like that lets you to sit on your ass and not get out and fight. Or call out a bullshit ordinance when you see one. “Don’t worry about systemic racism, gender inequality, capitalist greed…. Jesus will take care of it.” Yo, FUCK. THAT. Fuck not worrying about it. WORRY ABOUT IT. Protest! Write your senators! Call Paul Ryan! (The fact that his office has been flooded with voicemails is my favorite thing). Stand outside the White House and shout until you go hoarse! I don’t care what you do, but don’t hide behind the words “Jesus is Lord”, that shit is weak. Get up and fucking fight.




You guys, we have to care about Aleppo. The city is falling, civilians are being slaughtered— what started as peaceful protests has now been escalated to nothing short of massacre. I feel overwhelmed, as I’m sure a lot of us do here hundreds of thousands of miles away, but we can’t let that feeling make us ignore what’s happening. A lot of my friends have posted or sent me helpful articles about how to help so I thought it would be good for the blog this week to list some of the relief efforts/ideas I’ve found helpful. Not sure what else to do but write about it and give money but if that’s all we got, let’s do it.

7 Real Things You Can Do Right Now About the Catastrophe in Aleppo

5 Ways You Can Support the Victims of Aleppo

Get Wounded Syrian Rescue Workers Back on Their Feet


Fear Won.

A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against women.

A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against Muslim Americans.

A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against immigrants.

A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against black people.

A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against the entire LGBTQ community.

A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against racial reconciliation.

And a vote for a third party candidate was a vote for Donald Trump.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. I’m completely shaken and floored that blatant fear mongering heaped on empty promises can work to win the presidency in the most powerful country in the world. I didn’t think we’d fall for it, but I gravely overestimated. I feel like I can’t recognize my country anymore. There’s no eloquence or inspiration to be found here right now, only very raw emotion and sadness. I hope you all are faring better.